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Structural Transformation

Where succession, rapid growth, and structural transformation converge, business becomes unnecessarily complex, confusing and challenging. When intertwined, these factors are like three streams merging into a mighty river, each contributing its unique turbulence. nLIVEn helps companies navigate through these tumultuous waters, leading to a harmonious and prosperous journey into greatness.

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Prior to meeting Glenn, I lacked clarity in relation to my future aspirations. A truly inspirational program resulting in the clarity to confidently and actively plan my future pathway forward.
Angela Young
CEO, Strauman
I’ve participated in other programs for CEOs and directors. Nothing addressed my needs in a fast-track, personalized way like working with Glenn. A must for anyone wanting more out of life and business.
Paul Wheelton OAM
Chair, The Wheelton Group
Glenn helped me clarify my vision, design a strategy and formulate a plan to make progress. This included internationalizing our business, which inspired me to relocate myself to live in the USA.
Sarah Findlay
Founder, Dawn til Dusk
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Glenn. You believed in my abilities. You got me to focus on the business in a way I was made to believe I couldn’t. As a result, we’ve won several industry awards.
Louise Ward
Director, Yarra Valley Estate & Edible Forest Yarra Valley
Read the stories of our trusted clients who have navigated complex growth, succession and structural transformation with the assistance of nLIVEn.
Glenn helped me make a successful career transition from football to basketball after I accepted my first CEO appointment, orienting me to the role so the board and I could develop a winning strategy.
Graeme Allen
CEO, Dandenong Basketball Association
Time with Glenn is a break from focusing on other people, to better understand myself and develop insights. Cultivating vision. Reflecting on progress. Invaluable for regularly recharging my batteries.
Peter Cleary
Founder & Managing Director, Zinc Group
Glenn helped me successfully navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman plus the outgoing CEO of a 20 years old ASX listed business to make a successful transition into the CEO role.
Matthew Chun
CEO, Becton
Glenn was of enormous assistance. We worked together in a very laid-back fashion, meeting for coffee or lunch once per week. I was able to ride the changes, stay relaxed and keep my sense of humor.
Bob Pound
Managing Director, RJ Pound Services

Boutique Consulting

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, where success, growth, and transformation are not mere aspirations but necessary milestones, nLIVEn ensures your business takes center stage.

A boutique consulting firm frequently chosen above more
well-known global consulting brands, nLIVEn has carved a niche for itself becoming known for its precision in strategy, world-class execution, and its human-centric approach to transformational outcomes for medium-sized businesses globally.

Many business owners, boards and leaders find themselves facing critical challenges like business acquisitions, succession journeys, structural transformations, or unexpected rapid growth without a map or a guide. When advising on these challenges and opportunities, larger consulting firms often use a singular-vision approach and divisional resources, often missing the key opportunities, issues and complexities brought by innovation, diversity of experience and the nimble structure that nLIVEn can contribute.

We understand that your business is an ever-changing entity with evolving complications, human dynamics at play, and a significant brand to nurture, lead and actualize.

At nLIVEn, we understand the complexity of multifaceted challenges. We excel at diagnosing, prioritizing and triaging issues and opportunities to make important decisions that lead to transformational outcomes.

Our Services

nLIVEn specializes in addressing complex problems. As a generalist firm, we can work with you to address multifaceted issues that require expertise in succession, rapid growth, and structural transformation – either alone or a complex web of all three. When you work with nLIVEn you’re not just working with an individual; you’re partnering with a dedicated team of experts, assembled around the specific needs of each engagement. Together we approach each project with a consistent style and orientation—calm, considered, composed, and human-oriented. Together we maintain a singular focus in mind: your brand’s greatness, actualized


The process of succession is akin to orchestrating a symphony of change. It involves ensuring a seamless transition of leadership, handing over the baton from one era to another, and preparing your organization for new challenges and opportunities. Succession is fraught with complexities. It demands an understanding and integration of the past, present and the future. The succession pathway often involves emotional stakes, and requires precise planning and decisive execution. The wrong notes can lead to discord, making the harmonious transition of leadership a challenge. nLIVEn is the conductor of successful succession journeys.


Rapid growth is like a sudden crescendo in your organization’s journey, demanding an acceleration across every aspect of your team, processes and leadership. While growth promises new heights, it can also bring challenges such as scalability issues, resource allocation dilemmas, and even sub-culture clashes. Growth, if not managed strategically, can disrupt the cadence of your operations and strain your organization’s equilibrium. AdaptAbility is required across every facet of your business. nLIVEn will be there to help you analyze opportunities and threats, provide strategic guidance through change, and uplevel the key players to ensure success.


Structural transformation will occur during the evolution of your organization, whether through mergers, acquisitions, divestments, or other disruptive changes that alter the core framework of your organization. Such transformations are necessary to adapt to shifting market dynamics and industry trends. However, they introduce their own set of challenges such as integration difficulties, cultural misalignment, and uncertainty among employees. nLIVEn guides CEOs, boards and leadership teams through the unchartered territory of structural transformation, infusing calm into the meticulous planning and agile implementation needed along the pathway to the desired outcomes.
Sometimes isolated but frequently intertwined, these three dynamic elements (succession, rapid growth and structural transformation) create a vortex of challenges for leaders, boards and CEOs. At this intersection, complexity takes center stage. People become disoriented, finding it hard to regain perspective. Organizations are often left grappling with multiple issues and confusion. It’s like a complex musical piece where harmony is essential, but the cacophony is often deafening. nLIVEn’s powerful approach embraces three key principles:


In the face of succession, rapid growth, and structural transformation, the ability to adapt is paramount. In our consulting services, we teach and infuse the concept of “AdaptAbility”, empowering your organization and leadership team to not only respond to change but to thrive in ever-dynamic conditions. Our insights and strategies guide you toward becoming an agile and responsive entity, ensuring you navigate complex transitions with confidence. As this moment will not be the only complex event your organization faces on its way to greatness, the nLIVEn AdaptAbility ethos will forever change the way your organization builds and renews capabilities.


In the realm of business, success is often intricately tied to strategy. nLIVEn recognizes the paramount importance of strategy as a foundational element in any organizational journey. Our approach to strategy goes beyond conventional methods, embracing a multifaceted perspective that elevates businesses from ordinary to extraordinary. At nLIVEn, strategy is the guiding star for every engagement. We understand that for businesses facing succession, rapid growth, and structural transformation, clarity and direction are imperative. Our strategic expertise offers not just a roadmap but a system for navigating the complexities that often accompany these pivotal phases.


At nLIVEn, we understand that complexity often leads to confusion and conflict. That’s why we offer a human-centric approach to consulting. We believe in empathy, diplomacy, and engagement. We focus on maintaining and restoring relationships during challenging transitions. It’s not just about maximizing wealth; it’s about achieving harmony. nLIVEn is dedicated to maintaining and restoring relationships that might be strained during pivotal transitions. Our consultants act as peacemakers and navigators, guiding organizations through the stormy waters of change. We seek to rebuild bridges, establish common ground, deepen connections and ultimately strengthen the bonds that hold organizations together. This sets the stage for greatness to be revealed.
Succession, rapid growth, and structural transformation are not just business concepts to us – they are integral components of your organizational symphony. With nLIVEn by your side, your journey becomes enjoyable in and of itself. This leads to a shared sense of fulfillment and a deeper sense of satisfaction. Together we ensure complexity is harmonized, the path forward is simplified, and confusion is replaced by clarity. Welcome to your true greatness, individually, as a team and as an organization.

“Glenn assisted the board prepare for the retirement and replacement of the CEO, who had served in the position for over 35 years. Subsequently Glenn has mentored our new CEO, cultivating his strategic leadership. Glenn is highly intelligent. He has extensive experience in governance and management. His ability to think ‘outside the box’ is an invaluable asset.”

Dr Stephen Duffy
Chair, Australian Boys Choir

About Glenn A.

Glenn A. Williams is the world-class advisor to companies at the pivotal points of succession, rapid growth and structural transformation. He has spent over three decades working with complex organizations on their strategic approach to change.

Educated at the Melbourne Business School, ESSEC in Paris and Harvard University in Boston, Glenn went on to gain experience in all facets of global organizations as a Manager, CEO, Director and Chairperson. As the Founder of strategic consulting firm nLIVEn, Glenn has pioneered the concepts of Strategic Guidance Systems, Strategic Fitness and AdaptAbility; all of which are backed by research and over 30 years of practical execution in growth companies.

As an expert consultant to established, purpose-driven organizations, Glenn specializes in acting as the strategic guide to the board and leadership team on major growth periods, pioneering new concepts, products and territories, or approaching a succession milestone.

A sought-after international keynote speaker, media commentator and advisor to global leaders, Glenn divides his time between consulting, board and advisory positions, as well as speaking and media appearances. Glenn is an influential thinker and futurist on leadership, succession, change and business.

Glenn has limited speaking dates available for global events. His show, The Founder’s Encore due for launch in Q1 2024 interviews accomplished leaders, global thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, the wise – digging deep into change, adaptability, the truth of their success, their missions, succession and legacy.

“Glenn helped me navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman of 20 years plus the outgoing CEO of an ASX listed property development business to make a successful transition into the CEO role. Glenn subsequently assisted me develop an integrated vision, strategy and plan for the business that embraced the heritage of the past whilst unlocking the untapped potential of the future.”

Matthew Chun
Executive General Manager, AFL


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